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Intel's Aedit V2.2
Maybe you've desperately searched for it a long time, and it seemed you're the only one who understands the power of Aedit, but you aren't. Though most people will never understand it, for the few people who do, the following stuff is downloadable here:

aedit.zip (50 kB, 22-01-2002)The Editor (V2.2) + my current macrofile
aedit.pdf (416 kB, 21-07-2002)The Manual (in PDF format)
useful.zip (4 kB, 18-08-1985)Original macrofile + documentation
aeditsrc.zip (291 kB, 27-09-2005)The official Aedit Source code!
(Thanx to Abilio Marques, who obtainted the source from Intel)

You are free to download it here, but I really would appreciate to read an entry from you in my Gastenboek (Guestbook).
What is Aedit?
For those who don't know, Aedit is a very powerful ASCII text editor, made in 1986 by Intel. It runs under DOS, and I'm using it (in combination with MS Notepad) to compile this homepage, and for many other purposes at home and at work.
How about copyright?
Aedit is freeware! Actually abandonware. That means, it's not copyrigthed anymore. Therefore I've mailed with someone from Intel, you can read this correspondence below:
E-mail from me to Intel:
I'm using your ascii-editor for dos, Aedit V2.2
(We used it at school to create & edit our PL/M-86 sources),
but due to the fact that it's copyrighted, I want to purchase a legal copy of Aedit.
Where can I buy it, or can I legalize my copy of Aedit by registering or something?
I really like Aedit, and its powerful macrofacilities!
Yours sincerely,

Reaction from Intel to me:
From: renmailsupport@mailbox.cps.intel.com
Reply-To: "walter g" <renmailsupport@mailbox.cps.intel.com>
To: eenofanderevagegast@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: (Hossain, PL/M-86) Aedit V2.2
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 11:42:50 -0700 (PDT)

We no longer support or sell Aedit. You can use it all you want but we can
provide no support if any problems occur.
Walt G
Intel Customer Support
Second e-mail from me to Intel (is it really free?):
You mean I'm not violating any copyright stuff by using my illegal copy of Aedit?

Reaction from Intel on my second e-mail:

From: renmailsupport@mailbox.cps.intel.com
Reply-To: "walter g" <renmailsupport@mailbox.cps.intel.com>
To: eenofanderevagegast@hotmail.com
Subject: RE: RE: (Hossain, PL/M-86) Aedit V2.2 - For Walter
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 10:14:22 -0700 (PDT)

Since we no longer sell or support aedit we do not maintain the copyright.
You are free to use it however you want.
Especially for schools Intel tries to encourage all
engineering and computer science programs.
Consider this email as your permission to use AEDIT in you program.

Walt G
Intel Customer Support

(Please note that I'm not really using that old address "eenofanderevagegast@hotmail.com" anymore, I'm currently using just my one-and-only address, which is No 

Links to other Aedit-related stuff
I've found only one nice page, about mbedit, Multi Platform Editor, 95% Aedit-compatible Aedit-clones for DOS, Windows, Unix (Linux), OS-9.
This page is located at http://www.braun-home.net/michael

Update 15-03-2003:
Last week I received an e-mail from the author of a very nice Aedit-page: http://www.antonis.de/aedit/.
It's a nostalgic page, with some pictures of very old (>20 yrs.) computers...

Update 21-12-2006:
About 13 months ago I've got an e-mail from Abilio Marques, who has obtained the source code from Intel. Now you can download it here...

Update 21-12-2021 - Fifteen years later, time to mention the current translation effort here:
Abilio Marques:
History of https://github.com/abiliojr/aedit.git (README.md):
# History of this code In the early 2000s, while still being a teenager, I was an avid user of Aedit under DOS. It was fast and powerful, and I had been using it since I was a kid. Sadly, it was not able to handle long file names nor had any integration with the Windows clipboard (two features I wanted). Looking around for solutions, I stumbled upon a [website](http://martin.zutphen.nu/aedit/) of a gentleman that had written to Intel and got authorization to use Aedit however he saw fit. Inspired by his story, I decided to write Intel to ask for the source code of the editor, which they provided as seen on the initial commit of this repo. I was surprised to find it written in PL/M, and not having access to PL/M 86, my teenage idea of adding features to it was put on a very long hold. Sometime later I rediscovered the Zip file with the source code, and decided to write to Martin Meijerink again to offer him the file, as at least he had a website about it. He accepted it and posted it with a note. Sadly, the original mails got lost (my mail inbox size back then was 1 Mb, and I'm unable to find any backups), so I reproduce here the story as faithful as possible. # Current status There is an ongoing effort to port this code to C. All the initial translation was done by the mighty Mark Ogden.

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